BB Erzurum vs Fenerbahce Betting Predictions

Two games are still to complete in the Süper Lig and it is still exciting in the relegation battle. While Fenerbahce was able to secure the league with their last home win, Akhisarspor is already a relegated player this season. Meanwhile, with Bursaspor, Göztepe and BB Erzurumspor, three teams have a hot fight for the important 15th place in the table. Also Sivasspor and Ankaragücü remain relegation-endangered, especially since with 38 and 37 points on the account of relegation is secured only with a draw on Monday evening for both teams. At the same time it comes to the conclusion of the 33rd match day to the meeting of BB Erzurum and Fenerbahce, in which a prediction in favor of the guests should rather be waived.

BB Erzurum vs Fenerbahce Football Betting Prediction

The “canaries” are expected to accumulate at the end of the season is not in best shape. Ersun Yanal has already announced to give numerous young players in the squad a chance in the upcoming two games to prove themselves on Süper Lig level. As the Yanal-Elf have been struggling for the “golden pineapple” in the last two games, BB Erzurum vs Fenerbahce seems to be realistic on their relegation-threatened hosts. With a victory BB Erzurumspor wants to hope on the last day with Schützenhilfe on the league. If it works at home against the traditional club, this will be at BB Erzurum vs Fenerbahce odds of 2.35 paid out. On Monday night, the duel between Erzurumspor and Fenerbahce at 19:00 in the Kazim Karabekir Stadium is on the rise!

BB Erzurum vs Fenerbahce Betting PredictionsBB Erzurum – Statistics & Current Form

With a strong series of three wins and a draw, BB Erzurumspor had battled back into the race for relegation. After the recent defeat against Yeni Malatyaspor the starting position for Erzurumspor does not look good. Hamzaoglu’s side will have to rely on a home win over Fenerbahce on the final day of the game, to help them avoid relegation this season. On their own, BB Erzurumspor can only make it if Bursaspor and Göztepe share the points in the direct duel on this matchday. For the climber from Erzurum the season was not really going according to plan. After numerous entries and exits, the team chemistry was never really found. Only now that the team is fighting for relegation, the game of Erzurumspor harmonizes really together. The balance of 7-11-14 can not be talked nice this season. Despite solid performances in the second half of the season, BB Erzurumspor was often simply not rewarded with positive results.

In order to keep the hope alive, Fenerbahce has to win at home. Otherwise, the descent can already be sealed on Monday evening. After the strong performance in the season final spurt BB Erzurumspor wants to book the third victory in a row at home. Egemen Korkmaz and Gabriel Obertan will be injured due to Fenerbahce. Hamzaoglu had already emphasized in the press conferences that he did not want to give up without a fight in the race for relegation. Until the last match day, the chance of relegation should be maintained. Changes in the starting eleven of Erzurumspor are unlikely to be expected. Erzurumspor’s game against Fenerbahce will also be more offensive, especially as Hamzaoglu’s tactics will be unlikely to change one of the defensively vulnerable teams this season. If the hosts prevail against the traditional club, odds of 2.35 will be paid at BB Erzurum vs Fenerbahce for a corresponding tip to the home team.

Expected lineup of BB Erzurum:
➤ Sehic – Arslan, Schwechlen, Kanstrup, Ünlü – Sunu, Antalyali, Akdag, Eduok – Opseth, Tshabalala

Last matches of BB Erzurum:

⚽️ 12.05.2019 – Malatyaspor Vs. BB Erzurum 3: 1 (Süper Lig)
⚽️ 04.05.2019 – BB Erzurum vs. Bursaspor 2: 0 (Süper Lig)
⚽️ 27.04.2019 – Antalyaspor Vs. BB Erzurum 1: 1 (Süper Lig)
⚽️ 20.04.2019 – Göztepe Vs. BB Erzurum 0: 1 (Süper Lig)
⚽️ 15.04.2019 – BB Erzurum vs. Akhisar Belediye 2: 1 (Süper Lig)

BB Erzurum vs Fenerbahce Betting PredictionsFenerbahce – Statistics & Current Form

While sporting relegation was secured in the Süper Lig, Fenerbahce was also a big financial success. According to recent media reports, more than 15 million euros have already been collected with the recently launched donation campaign. In the coming season, the “canaries” really want to get started and have already started the squad plans. Besides additions from the Süper Lig, European high-carats are expected. To what extent Fenerbahce can attract top players, remains questionable, especially since the “canaries” in the coming year will not be represented in the European competitions. The change in the football team has failed under the new club president Ali Koc. Despite some fierce criticism of the sports director Damien Comolli, the Frenchman will probably remain in office next season. With a goal difference of 40:43 Fenerbahce was neither offense nor defensive convincingly on the way. The “canaries” have felt conceded a goal in every league match.

Since the last change of coach at least the offensive game of Fenerbahce has improved. Ersun Yanal has, as in the old days, again put the focus on the offensive and sprayed with some respectable ideas some optimism for the upcoming season. At the end of the season Yanal wants to bet on young players. The “canaries” do not have much to lose, which is why the results in the last two games of the season play no role anymore. Yanal disturbed the recent rumors that allegedly Fenerbahce operates a distortion of competition and the “canaries” deliberately travel with a B-Elf to Erzurum. Elmas, Frey, Cigerci, Topal and Ersu will be out anyway. Will Fenerbahce send the next team into the second division, or will not this time be a prediction on the traditional club at BB Erzurum vs Fenerbahce?

Expected formation of Fenerbahce:
➤ Tekin – Kaldirim, Skrtel, Neustädter, Özbayrakli – Jailson, Güctekin – Ayew, Arslan, Dirar – Soldado

Last matches from Fenerbahce:

⚽️ 11.05.2019 – Fenerbahce vs. Akhisar Belediye 2: 1 (Süper Lig)
⚽️ 04.05.2019 – Kasimpasa Vs. Fenerbahce 1: 3 (Süper Lig)
⚽️ 27.04.2019 – Fenerbahce vs. Trabzonspor 1: 1 (Süper Lig)
⚽️ 21.04.2019 – Alanyaspor Vs. Fenerbahce 1: 0 (Süper Lig)
⚽️ 14.04.2019 – Fenerbahce vs. Galatasaray 1: 1 (Süper Lig)

BB Erzurum vs Fenerbahce Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

BB Erzurumspor and Fenerbahce met for the first time ever in this Süper Lig season. The first duel between the two clubs ended with a scoring 2-2 draw. The balance of Fenerbahce against the promoted looks anyway not good. Only one of the five duels against the newcomers Fenerbahce could win this season.

BB Erzurum vs Fenerbahce Football Betting Prediction Explained

While Fenerbahce is concerned with the “golden pineapple”, BB Erzurumspor fights at home for the league. The home side will do everything they can to force a home success the next final. Fenerbahce also travel to numerous youngsters and will use them in the away game in Erzurum. In the defensive vulnerability of Fenerbahce Hamzaoglu will seek from the beginning of the early lead against the traditional club. In recent games, BB Erzurum has performed well and has been rewarded in four out of the last five games.

Key Facts – BB Erzurum vs Fenerbahce tips

🔻 Ersun Yanal will probably give his young players a minutes of practice in the away game against BB Erzurumspor.
🔻 BB Erzurumspor rises in case of a defeat one matchday before the end of the season.
🔻 BB Erzurumspor Fenerbahce had two goals in the first half of the season.

With great support from the local fans, BB Erzurumspor will not be beaten without a fight in the race for relegation. The table penultimate has fought back and hopes to relegation. Fenerbahce’s weak defensive and BB Erzurumspor’s “All In” mentality should leave the home side scoring a deadlock. We expect a strong performance from the table penultimate and recommend at BB Erzurum vs Fenerbahce a tip on a goal from the home side in the first half. For “over 0.5 goals BB Erzurum in the 1 HT” are at BB Erzurum vs Fenerbahce betting odds 1.95 offered.

Betting Prediction: over 0.5 goals BB Erzurum (1 HT)
Odds: 1.95