Atalanta vs Lazio Betting Prediction

Atalanta vs Lazio Football Prediction of the Day

Atalanta’s team have made good Serie A championships and this year they will once again become candidates for a place in the Europa League. This Atalanta is a team that has a winning mentality and that plays to win. Despite this, the results at home have been somewhat modest.

They have only 3 wins in 7 games and also have the same number of defeats at home which is not good. In the last home game they lost in the last minutes to the Naples but last weekend were beat to Udinese recovering back those 3 points lost at home.

Lázio, Lázio’s team is a candidate for a European place and a team that always plays to win. Playing at home or away, regardless of whether they are a strong opponent or not, little change and prepare the game always in order to win.

At the moment they are in the 5th position of Serie A and would say that they have the team to stay in the top 5. They have been left behind, however, as they come from four consecutive draws in Serie A. In the middle of the week they lost at home to Frankfurt but in a meeting that was of little use since they are already in a hurry.

Football Betting Prediction Atalanta vs Lazio

I play between two teams that always play to win and here I expect a draw. I have scored goals given the potential and mentality of both teams, but they do not compensate for the odds.

I think the tie is very valuable because it has a very interesting price for the match itself, which should be balanced from start to finish.

Seen this I expect a draw, possibly with goals in a game of stop and response from part to part.

Prediction of the Day: Draw
Odds: 3.42