Arsenal - Manchester City Premier League

Arsenal – Manchester City Premier League Prediction

Again the faces are seen after the final of Carabao Cup where Manchester City scored 3-0 being very superior most of the game, had no other for having done the “ridiculous” against Wigan in the FA Cup, were forced to get the title.

It will not be so easy, because in Emiratos Stadium it is the best third place playing at home, its only defeat was with the Man.United 1-3 … the advantage of the citizens their Champions game is already defined, it would only be the wear and tear on the weekend to receive Chelsea who is urged by points for his bad season.

Arsenal is always tearing European posts remaining duty, come and go players but the coach does not run when millions want to leave for a long time.

Manchester City should win to have better squad and serves that makes the wait for the title less long … however the Gunners must take that pride out before their fans, it is vital to score points, every day they move away from Chelsea and Tottenham … we hope this handicap cover it

Prediction Today: Arsenal +1.25, Asian handicap
Odds: 1.57