Ankaragucu vs Kasimpasa Betting Prediction

Surrendering a service provider is never a good decision, unless adequate replacement can be provided. The Turkish first division club Kasimpasa gets to feel the departure of Goalgetter Mbaye Diagne in full severity. No trace of Erdogan’s strong offensive. Three times in a row were last points left. The goal of Süper Lig’s second-biggest offensive in recent games without Diagne is a single goal in the last three games. Now Kasimpasa meets in the away game on Ankaragücü. The capital club is in an awkward position and wants to leave the relegation zone as quickly as possible. Ankaragücu could make it with a win in the Monday match. With Mustafa Kaplan, who spoke in the press conferences very ambitious from relegation, the first threesome since the beginning of November to be realized.

Today’s Betting Prediction Ankaragucu vs Kasimpasa

As a close pursuers of Basaksehir completed the first round, it goes steadily downhill for Kasimpasa. At Ankaragucu vs Kasimpasa the guests are favored according to the odds, nevertheless we do not think Kasimpasa superior. Since the departure of Diagne is lacking in every corner. The team of Mustafa Denizli had spoken euphorically from the European starting places after the strong first round. At the latest after the low of the mold the whole euphoria should have disappeared. Ankaragücu hopes Kasimpasa will miss the next damper. Although the capital club is as bad as Kasimpasa, but the chance to leave the relegation zone, will certainly not want to take Ankaragücü. At our Ankaragücuvs. Kasimpasa prediction, we would rather advise against an away win. The game will kick off at 18:00 on Monday evening.

Ankaragucu – Statistics & Current Form

Since his trainer apprenticeship Kaplan could not celebrate a point win with Ankaragücü. On Monday evening, but it should finally be ready. Despite the miserable series of six series defeats, Kaplan promised improvement and was very ambitious on the way to relegation. The capital club did not start badly in the Süper Lig season. As promoted Ankaragücupresented in the first round strong. Even the top clubs from the Süper Lig were sometimes hard on Ankaragücuin the first half of the season. In the second half Kaplan wanted to turn the rudder with Ankaragücü. In terms of performance, there was an increase from game to game, but in the end there are still three defeats from the first three rounds back.

In addition, Ankaragücuremained in all three games without a goal. The lousy Torausbeute hopes to improve the Kaplan-Elf against Kasimpasa. The guests are defensively vulnerable and come Ankaragücuthus located. Ankaragücuis working hard and has proven this last week against Black Sea club Trabzonspor. With the support of the home fans, the first home win after four Heimpleiten to come in series. Kaplan emphasized that his team had prepared intensively for the upcoming home game and are optimistic in the game.

Currently El Kabir leads the internal scoring list at Ankaragücuwith six goals. Alessio Cerci has the most part of the game (five goals, two assists). Ankaragücuwants to avoid relegation at all costs. For the fight for the league, the squad was increased with twelve new entries. Shortly before the deadline secured the services of various legionaries and domestic players. Ankaragücudid not have to cope with serious departures. It will not be easy for Kaplan to form a team out of all the new entries. The Ankaragücucoach emphasized that his team is on the right path. Even in the last game, the progress made noticeable. Should Ankaragücubuild on this, it could be rewarded against Kasimpasa. Kaplan complains against Kasimpasa no disposals. Accordingly, the coach of the capital club can draw on the full. Will Ankaragücubeat Kasimpasa for a tip on the home side?

Expected formation of Ankaragücü:
Bayindir; Pinto, Ayhan, Kubalas, Kitsiou; Moke, Agcay; Sacko, Moulin, Boyd; Orgill

Last Games by Ankaragucu:

  • 02.02.2019 – Trabzonspor Vs. Ankaragücu1: 0 (Süper Lig)
  • 28.01.2019 – Ankaragücu Vs. Alanyaspor 0: 2 (Süper Lig)
  • 19.01.2019 – Galatasaray Vs. Ankaragücu6: 0 (Süper Lig)
  • 22.12.2018 – Ankaragücu Vs. Goztepe 0: 3 (Süper Lig)
  • 18.12.2018 – Ankaragücu Vs. BB Bodrumspor 3: 2 (Pokal)

Kasimpasa – Statistics & Current Form

Kasimpasa did not deliver the best transfer policy in the last transfer window. In any case, Kasimpasa should have secured the services of Diagne at least until the summer. In addition to the departure of the top scorer of the Süper Lig also Samuel Eduok was delivered. Mustafa Denizli will certainly be able to free his team from this miserable situation, but a European starting position will probably only be a dream for Kasimpasa. Kasimpasa owes the previous season, especially the strong offensive, because in the back row, it was anything but good. The departure of Diagne was also a large part of the offensive game: 20 of Kasimpasa’s 38 goals were scored by Diagne. Since the departure of the goalkeeper Kasimpasa could only achieve a single goal in three games. The defensive problems were clearly noticeable due to the bad offensive game. Last time, there were three goals against Sivasspor in the home crowd. There were 1.7 hits on average per Süper Lig game. Away, Kasimpasa won only one of their last five games. During the week, Kasimpasa lost the cup first leg against Akhisarspor. Hajradinovic’s last-minute goal is enough for Kasimpasa to dream of progressing.

The current offensive game is easily manageable. Kasimpasa will rarely find such an effective striker as Diagne, on whom the whole offensive play was sharpened. With Heintz (Sarpsborg) and Hajradinovic (Osijek) Kasimpasa has strengthened in midfield. Scuffet, Hafez and Perica were also new to the squad. Especially from Stipe Perica much is expected in the second half. The Croat takes the role of Diagne by storm. In his first two competitive games Perica equal scored a goal. Trezeguet currently leads the internal scoring list with five goals and six assists. Although the Egyptian was first obliged in the summer (after previous loan), but now toying with a change, after rumors have spread in the Turkish media, the Turkish top clubs have the feelers stretched out to him. All in all, the task of Denizli in the second half is extremely difficult. Can the Denizli-Elf get out of the crisis or get lost in AnkaragücuVs. Kasimpasa again did not give a prediction in favor of the guests?

Expected formation of Kasimpasa:
Köse; Veigneau, Ben Youssef, Sari, Popov; Sadiku; Trezeguet, Serbest, Pavelka, Koita; Perica

Last Games by Kasimpasa:

  • 07.02.2019 – Akhisar Belediye Vs. Kasimpasa 3: 1 (Pokal)
  • 02.02.2019 – Kasimpasa Vs. Sivasspor 1: 3 (Süper Lig)
  • 28.01.2019 – Istanbul Basaksehir Vs. Kasimpasa 2: 0 (Süper Lig)
  • 24.01.2019 – Kasimpasa Vs. Alanyaspor 1: 0 (Pokal)
  • 21.01.2019 – Kasimpasa Vs. Rizespor 0: 1 (Süper Lig)

Ankaragucu vs Kasimpasa Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

The duels between Ankaragücu and Kasimpasa in the Süper Lig were very drawbacks. Ten of the 17 duels ended in a division of points. Ankaragücu had three wins, Kasimpasa four. Ankaragücu has lost none of the eight Süper Lig home games against Kasimpasa. Ankaragücu is the only team in the Süper Lig against which Kasimpasa could not win the entire Süper Lig history. The first-round duel between the two clubs ended in a 2-1 win for Kasimpasa in the home round. None of the last four games ended in a draw, even though ten duels have been played with points.

Ankaragucu vs. Kasimpasa Football Betting Prediction Provided by Our Experts Tipsters

Kasimpasa had in the first round one of the strongest offensives of the Süper Lig and was able to compensate for the defensive weakness in the squad thus. After the top scorer has left the team, the offensive game looks no more sovereign than before. If Denizli does not find a solution quickly, the negative trend is likely to continue. For Ankaragücu vs Kasimpasa is actually convenient, but also the capital club is currently in crisis. Kaplan seemed visibly ambitious in the recent press conference and emphasized that the team is getting stronger day by day. In the home game against Kasimpasa the capital club wants to show the first progress and get back on the saving shore.

Key facts – Ankaragucu vs. Kasimpasa tips

Since the departure of Diagne Kasimpasa has scored only one goal in three games
Ankaragücusecured in the last transfer window equal to twelve new entries.
Kasimpasa has never won in Süper Lig history at Ankaragücü.

With a threesome on Monday evening Ankaragücucould leave the relegation zone. With the support of home supporters in his back and the recent performance against Trabzonspor Ankaragücu a point win seems quite likely. Kasimpasa has never won at Sükar Lig in Ankaragücü. We think it will stay on Monday night and recommend a double-bet 1X on Ankaragücu vs. Kasimpasa for which we choose to use five units. If successful, Ankaragücu Vs. Kasimpasa odds of 1.85.

Betting Prediction: Double Chance 1X
Odds: 1.83