Champions League Ajax vs Standard Liege

Champions League Ajax vs Standard Liege

The Dutch of Ajax intend this season to regain the title of national champions what has not happened in the last 2 years, since they lost to Feyenoord and PSV respectively.

Ajax is a huge club with a lot of strength in Holland, with a lot of history too. The squad has undergone some changes, but they have kept other important players and the squad itself is quite interesting.

Ajax have already played the previous round of the Champions League and beat Sturm 2-0 at home and 3-1 away from home on a undercard record in which the Dutch were far superior.

In the first leg of this tie were strong and went to interval to win 2-0, but then lost that advantage and in the minutes of compensation allowed the tie.

Also for the championship, they went into false and let tie with Heracles to 1 goal. This is a very important meeting for Ajax that values European competitions a lot.
Standard Liége, I do not consider this team to be the great candidate to win the Belgian championship since Anderlecht, Club Brugge and even Genk are at a higher level, but this Standard Liége also intends to be included in that fight.

The squad is reasonable, but they lack something in my understanding.

At the end of 3 days for the championship, they add 5 points.

Just one win and two draws to zero. In the Champions League for four years they have not disputed these qualifications and very sincerely should fall for the Europa League.

In the first hand they entered very badly and went for interval to lose 0-2 and the tie was thus practically doomed.

Things got better in the second half and they still saved the tie even as they fell out of the net and so everything remains open.

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Ajax are a stronger team, with a squad with more solutions and although there are a few youngsters, many of them are already well maturity and able to excel in international football.

Here I believe the Dutch do not compromise the tie, I see Ajax far superior to this Standard Liége and although the draw to zero or 1 goal is enough for the Dutch, here I fully believe that they will achieve victory without major problems

The Ajax at home always plays with full stadium, great atmospheres and in this encounter this scenario will repeat itself with all certainty.

In short, I expect a more acute Ajax to control the match and to achieve a major victory that will guarantee them the qualification for the Champions League Play Offs.

Betting Tips: Ajax
Odds: 1.41