AIK Solna vs Östersunds FK betting Prediction

AIK Solna vs Östersunds FK Soccer Prediction

This May 14, 2018 will take place in the Friends Arena an interesting match to be played between AIK Solna and Östersunds FK at 12:00 midnight point in Mexico City.

To start with the analysis, it seems prudent to mention that both teams arrive at the 8th day with different pressures, because although AIK Solna maintains a great level and the solidity that characterizes it in the Allsvenskan, where for now it is positioned second, the table of Östersunds FK seems to have run out of fuel after a very prolific season as it was the last one, when they even played in the final phase of the Europa League; however, in their immediate present they are positioned 11 of 16 with only 7 points harvested, so at the beginning, they have shown defensive deficiencies and need to improve their level if they do not wish to suffer at the end of the contest.

As for the performance of the last 10 games they have played, AIK Solna is one of the best teams in Sweden at present, with an effectiveness percentage of 30.67%, a percentage that can only be improved by the current leader, Hammarby IF. On the other hand, Östersunds FK is having a season start to forget, which we can easily identify in its percentage of effectiveness, which is 13.67% and is located among the worst teams in Sweden currently in that area.

For the above, the bookies provide us with the following odds:

AIK Solna: 1.93

– Draw: 3.27

– Östersunds FK: 4.62

As can be seen, the odds place the local team as a favorite, which is perfectly understandable due to the poor performance of the visitors and taking into account that the local team is obliged to take the victory, because with a game of more, any stumbling can give Hammarby a big advantage, so losing is not an option for AIK. Regarding my statistical study, I obtained the following percentages:

– AIK Solna: 44.80%

– Draw: 35.06%

Östersunds FK: 20.14%

As it can be noticed, the percentages that I have calculated according to my statistical study are inclined in favor of the Local as the most probable result with a considerable difference over the Draw, being the odds that I would expect for this match the following:

– AIK Solna: 2.11

– Draw: 2.69

– Östersunds FK: 4.68

Before this calculation of quotas, the quota that reflects me value is the Draw, nevertheless, the quota calculated in favor of the AIK Solna was covered by the bookies prior to the movements that were generated by the mass psychology in favor of the local, by it is impossible to ignore this result because of the AIK’s urgency to continue adding victories, especially at home, so that when the time comes to play against Hammarby, they can take the dreaded leadership and aspire to dispute a final phase Champions League after a long time of Malmö’s dominance, which for now, is absent in the Swedish league.

Prediction Today: AIK Solna (1), 1X2 (Final result)
Odds: 1.93